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Our mediators have years of experience in carrying out successful mediations in the area of family and commercial disputes, or any disputes involving complex financial situations.

What is a mediation?

A mediation is a process where two or more parties who are in conflict must talk through their issues in the presence of a mediator NZ. The purpose of the mediation is to develop possible solutions and finally come to an agreement that all parties are content with. People are often referred to a mediation by a court, otherwise they have sought out the services themselves. 

Mediators do not need to make any decisions themselves. They are simply there to guide the conversation and to make realistic suggestions. Although lawyers are not necessary at a mediation, people have the option of bringing their lawyer with them for support. Otherwise, they can bring with them a support person. Mediations are not restricted to face to face meetings, they can also take place over the phone or over video chat.

In most cases, our mediations result in the parties coming to an amicable agreement. This agreement is made official with a written agreement that all parties must sign. Mediators do not take sides, they remain completely objective and are committed to helping the parties resolve their dispute in a fair and unbiased way. They work to encourage the parties involved to calmly explain their point of view and take into consideration other points of view.

Here at Hussey and Co, we offer expert mediation services in Auckland. We are an established business with experienced mediators NZ who know the ins and outs of their field.  Our NZ mediators are experienced in a range of disputes, from family through to commercial disputes. We tailor our approach to your unique solution to ensure the best final outcome. We are dedicated to providing you with the best mediation services in Auckland. We invest in the professional development of our mediators to ensure we are practicing the most innovative methods.

We think that mediation is the best solution for you as mediation tends to be a less expensive solution than going to court. Additionally, it provides faster results than a court case, as agreements can sometimes be reached in a single session. Mediation gives the parties a sense of empowerment, as they have negotiated their resolution themselves. It can also help preserve relationships which a lengthy court case may have destroyed.


The benefits of hiring a professional mediator NZ

There are a number of benefits of Mediation, including, but not limited to:


Avoiding court – Mediation is a great way for the parties to avoid going to court. You may just have to make a short court appearance to let them know what agreement has been reached. 

Faster results - Whilst it can take a very long time to get to court, even up to a year, mediations can be carried out much faster, and an agreement can be reached in a single session. This means that you can get on with your life sooner. 

More control – in court, you may find that a judge comes to a decision that one party, or both of the parties, are not pleased with. Mediation, on the other hand, allows the parties to come to their own agreement with the help of their mediators. Nothing will be imposed on you by some third-party decision maker. 

Less expensive – mediation costs less because you spend less on mediators than you do on a lawyer. Most of the time your mediator spends on your case, you are present for. 

Better outcomes  An agreement cannot be reached until both parties consent. This means it is likely that both parties are satisfied with the outcome. Additionally, the lower cost and the less stressful nature of a mediation generally adds to these feelings of satisfaction. 

More privacy – Mediations are a much more private process than going to court. Instead of having your dirty laundry aired out in a public courtroom, you can have your mediation in a mediators office or a lawyer's office. 

No more bad blood  Mediation does wonders in helping preserve relationships through encouraging open communication. Instead of attacking one another (as is common in courtrooms) parties are encouraged to listen to each other's side of the story and take their point of view into consideration.

Better chance of compliance When parties have reached an agreement together, they are far more likely to comply with the terms of the agreement. However, when a solution has been decided by a third party, such as the courts, people are less likely to comply.

Feeling of empowerment Being able to agree on your own settlement can give you a sense of empowerment. People who negotiate their own settlements often feel more powerful than those who use surrogate advocates, such as lawyers, to represent them. Mediation negotiations can provide a forum for learning about and exercising personal power or influence.


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