Our People 

Our practice comprises a small dedicated team headed by Shane Hussey.  Other members of the practice are:
Shane Hussey - Director and Principal 
Shane is the director and principal of Hussey & Co., overseeing all aspects of the practice.

He has been a member of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants since 1989 and has held a practicing certificate since 1997 when he established Hussey & Co.

Shane has significant experience in all areas of the practice including valuation, loss assessment, financial investigations, relationship property matters and providing commercial and business advice generally.

He is regularly called upon to give independent expert evidence before the Courts and other Tribunals and has been appointed by the Auckland District Law Society, the High Court, and other parties to undertake valuations, investigations and determinations.

He is also a director of a number of non-listed companies and trustee for a number of client trusts.

Prior to establishing Hussey & Co. nearly sixteen years ago, Shane held a number of commercial accounting positions including a number of senior financial/accounting roles in substantial non-listed companies, the last such role being that of financial controller for a significant music publishing company based in London.  

Shane is regularly asked to present at conferences and seminars on valuation and relationship property matters.  Following is a selection of speaking engagements he has delivered:


P: 09 300 5481 (DDI)
M: 021 545 297


  • Demystifying Valuation Methodology and Evidence
    Presentation at the LexisNexis Property Relationships Master Class in Auckland and Christchurch, followed by a detailed valuation workshop for the participant lawyers (2002 and 2005).
  • Brand Valuation Assessment of Damages in Intellectual Property
    Presentation to the Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand (October 2003).
  • Getting Information for Cases in the Family Court
    Presentation to the Auckland District Law Society as part of a session on "Discovery, Investigation and Tracing of Income and Assets: Family Law Cases" (February 2004).
  • Taking a Civil Approach to Forensics in Property Relationship Act Cases
    Facilitation of a valuation workshop for lawyers at the LexisNexis 2004 Property Relationships Master Class in Auckland followed by co-hosting a session at the conference (September 2004). 
  • Is Incorporation the Answer?
    Presentation to the LexisNexis Strategic Law Firm Management Forum (August 2006).
  • How to Avoid a Failed Trust and a Disgruntled Client -  The Lawyer-Accountant Partnership
    Presentation to the Auckland District Law Society as part of a session on "Trusts - Trends in Practice" (October 2006).?


Bhuvan Naran - Accountant 
Bhuvan is a qualified accountant with significant auditing and commercial experience.  In a prior position, he spent approximately 10 years as general manager for a significant manufacturing company. 

Bhuvan has undertaken a number of financial investigation assignments and also assists in valuation assignments.

P: 09 300 5491 (DDI)  
Chadryn Stewart – Practice Secretary 

Chadryn is the practice secretary.  Prior to joining us, Chadryn was a secretary to in-house counsel for a large publicly listed company. 

P: 09 300 5480 (DDI)

Jane Eagles - Accountant

Jane joined us in March 2016 and has approximately twenty-five years chartered accounting experience.  She has significant experience providing accounting services to small/medium sized businesses.

P: 09 300 5483 (DDI)
Murray Stephenson  - Accountant

Murray is a part-qualified accountant who has been with us since 1999.   Murray undertakes accounting for a wide range of clients including attending to the accounting and taxation requirements for professional practices including the many lawyer clients of the firm.

Prior to joining us, he was an accountant for a large international shipping company and prior to that he worked for many years in a chartered accounting practice.


P: 09 300 5484 (DDI)
Rod White - Associate

Rod holds a First Class Degree in Economics and Finance and has been with us since 2003.

Rod primarily focuses on business valuations, assessments of economic loss and relationship property matters. He has presented a paper on valuation principles at a LexisNexis Property Relationships Master Class.

Prior to joining us he has held a number of financial and analytical roles both here in New Zealand and overseas including Ernst & Young and the Prime Minister's Department.


P: 09 300 5497 (DDI)
M: 021 777 921
Peter Liddle - Accountant

Peter is as a qualified accountant with significant auditing and commercial experience. He has held senior financial positions in companies listed on the NZX/ASX/TSX.

Peter undertakes financial investigation assignments and also assists in valuation assignments.
P: 09 300 5486

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We provide a full range of accounting and tax services ranging from traditional financial statement / tax return preparation...


Litigation Support

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Shane is a chartered accountant with extensive expertise in valuation, assessment of economic loss and providing expert evidence to the courts and other tribunals.